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The "Stolby" State Nature Reserve

In 2005 the "Stolby" reserve in the Krasnoyarsk Region celebrated its 80th birthday. It was founded in 1925 and is situated in a picturesque area between the Mana and Bazaikha Rivers. In the south-east it has borders with the city of  Krasnoyarsk.

The square of the reserve is 47,219 hectares, rhat of the tourism and excursion region, organized to provide the opportunity of free visiting this unique nature phenomenon - 1,410 hectares. Main sights of the reserve are the syenite odd rocks - more than 100 of them, the hieght being more than 100 meters. Fields of karsts craters, caves about 100 meter deep, rivers vanishing under the ground, and "kamenny gorod" (stone city) are very peculiar. "Stolby" is the most amazing creation of nature: rocks of the most bizarre form, reminding the silhouettes of people and animals, buildings and various objects. Here one can find the head of the stern old-man - "D'ed" (garndfather) rock, there are also "Babushka" (grandmother) and "Vnuchka" (granddaughter) here.

Flora of this wonderful place is unique: it counts over 1,000 species of vascular plants, 260 of which are moss-like. More than 150 species belong to the category of those speccially protected. About 200 thousend people visit the tourism and excursion region yearly. It is a favourite resting-place for Krasnoyarsk people. Mass celebrations, performed in the reserve, have become traditional: Stolbists Day, March of Parks, Christmas Climbing competitions, etc.

Everybody who visited "Stolby" at least once will never forget his impressions.




Идет загрузка модуля поиска туров

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