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Church Architecture

Traditionsof Krasnoyarsk count over one and a half century. On the Pokrovskaya mountain where Cossacks guard towerhad stood, the architects Yaflev and Nabalov with the funds of the gold-tycoon P.Kuznetsov built a stone chapel instead of the simple wooden cross.

The chapel symbolized a common grave of all Krasnoyarsk people who died during the first battle period of the stockaded town. The chapel of St.Paraskeva Pyatnitsa has become a symbolof Krasnoyarsk.

The first stone temples of the city - The Voskresensky Cathedral and Pokrovsky Three-throne Parochial Temple were built in the second half of the 18th century. The Pokrovsky Temple is the most ancient and one of the most beautiful stone buildings in Krasnoyarsk, created by "parishioners zeal" 1785-1795 by "church architect" M.Yushkov.

 At the end of the 19yh century there were 10 Orthodox churches and 2 cathedrals, Roman-Catholic and Protestant stone churches, a synagogue.

The temple on Bazaikha, Svyato-Nikolsky temple-monument dedicated to the victims of repressions,


Идет загрузка модуля поиска туров

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